Homage to Motherhood

Warning: this post may contain gushy undertones.

Yes my friends, I'm paying homage to Mothers everywhere.  I'm offering thanks and gratitude to the Mothers I know and admire.  It is within you that I've found a realm of beauty and priceless lessons that teach us all about ourselves...specifically, how we love, how we give, and how we influence the ones who look up to us. 

Personally, this timeless subject strikes a deep and meaningful cord.  It didn't take very long before I learned it's this way for, really, everyone I talk to.  For some, I find the connection is made with their own mother, for others it's the mother that they have observed in all her womanly glory. 

Please join me in the coming weeks and months, I'll be revisiting this subject in multiple ways, in my artwork and I'll share right here, in my Studio Journal.    

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