It all started when…

Growing up in New Mexico I developed a curiosity for ‘why?’.  I recall a girl with an endless supply of questions. If an adult’s answer wasn’t readily available I would mull things over in my mind until I figured out a solution that would do, for now.  I used drawing to express my youthful dreams, to experience and re-tell the stories I was picking up around me, as a means of exploring what I didn’t fully understand. 

In junior high school, an art teacher introduced me to drawing from life. Instead of only a mind’s eye, I had new tools to begin aligning my skills with what I could see in front of me.
— Leah Lopez

A native of New Mexico, Leah studied traditional drawing and painting in the West and the Southwest before moving to New York in 2007. She came to New York when it was time to absorb new inspirations. Her oil paintings are distillations of nostalgia being observed in the present, leading to timeless paintings of elegance and romance.

From the beginning, Leah recognized her love for the mystical and creative atmosphere of her home state, and it inspired her vision and expression as an artist. Although, her roots are steeped in traditional painting techniques and working from life, her compositions are often ignited by emotionally striking moments and ephemeral passages of time. The combination of the physical and nonphysical aspects are at play in her work, like stories unwinding to a climax.

After 19 years of teaching experience, Leah is still sharing what she’s learned in her practice of art. Sharing is a way of passing on the traditions from artist to artist.