2018 Haggin Museum Exhibition - Full Sun: American Women Artists Illuminate The Haggin Museum by Leah Lopez

 Full Sun: American Women Artists Illuminate the Haggin Museumcelebrates a re-examination of the Haggin Collection. For this exhibition, members of American Women Artists (AWA) were asked to create artwork that was inspired by a selection of 11 paintings from the Haggin Museum’s 19th – 20th-century art collection including works by William Merritt Chase, Albert Bierstadt, Rosa Bonheur, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and other notable artists. AWA artists have taken their inspiration from the work of art, the artist’s greater body of work, or the theme of the painting. This juried exhibition will include nearly 100 pieces of artwork that ranges from paintings to sculptures.

Learn more about the 25 in 25 campaign in this AWA video.

Click here to view artwork in the show and pricing. Purchases are through the museum, please call (209) 940-6331 for more information.


Opening Reception | Thursday, August 2nd, 6 - 8 pm

5:30 pm ∙ Awards Ceremony

6 - 8 pm ∙ Reception

Join us for an opening reception for FULL SUN. Enjoy delicious hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments as you talk with the artists about their inspirations for the show.


Taking on the challenge

Sophisticationc. 1908 by
Watrous, Harry Willson 1857-1940

 A Game of Cards (Two of Cups), 2018 by Leah Lopez, 1977-present

A Game of Cards (Two of Cups), 2018 by Leah Lopez, 1977-present

WATROUS’ PAINTING, SOPHISTICATION intrigued me immediately. I was attracted to the imagery, the elegant simplicity, and a suggestion that this artist had a warm and mischievous sense of humor. A sense of play is evident in his work between 1905 and 1918, featuring attractive women in whimsical and sometimes solemn situations. Looking back, he even appears to be ahead of his time. Particularly, I enjoy his manner of delivering all the clues while still leaving the narrative open and allowing us to become co-creators with him. In response, I painted Just a Game of Cards (alternatively titled, Two of Cups), inspired by his paintings Sophistication (1908), Just a Couple of Girls (1915), and The Magician (1900). I endeavored to reflect the feeling of a woman turned away in profile, like Watrous’ women, accentuating elegant lines while inviting us to observe and question her. The playing cards suggest that a game has begun. The second avenue for discovery is her relationship to the suit of Cups and acknowledging the element of water and its gifts. In discovering the narrative, I empathize with her, holding a lotus, and inhabiting possibilities. The inclusion of the partially open blue lotus is another clue. A child of water and earth, able to rise upon a long elegant neck bearing a crown of wisdom and grace. She is a young player of Cups as a set of glasses sit nearby. She is about to realize that all the clues she will ever need are surrounding her.

Time to register, Foundation and Up Art Studies begin next week! by Leah Lopez


Weekly Classes are held Fridays & Saturdays

Upcoming Semester Dates: 

LATE SUMMER July 20/21 - September 28/29, 2018 (no classes 8/3,4,31, 9/1,7,8)


Accepting new students this Summer.  For more details contact Leah Lopez at studio@leahlopez.com

Romance, flowers and soft, wet paint: Where the finish starts by Leah Lopez

  Sweet Summer Roses,  oil on panel, 16x12 in.  This artwork can be purchased from   Trees Place Gallery    RTE 6A at 28   Orleans, Massachusetts 02653   PHONE 508.255.1330

Sweet Summer Roses, oil on panel, 16x12 in.

This artwork can be purchased from Trees Place Gallery
RTE 6A at 28   Orleans, Massachusetts 02653   PHONE 508.255.1330

I started painting this as a means to share with some friends how I work on this kind of piece from the concept stages, building the layers, decisions and, in general, feeling my way through the paint to create the softness or sharpness that my eye perceives. 

These little clips are from my North light studio at Union Square, Manhattan, NY, while I'm talking to new oil painters about the early stage of the painting process.  

If you are interested in learning more about process as a student of Leah Lopez Atelier contact me at studio@leahlopez.com,  I am interviewing students who wish to develop skills through drawing and painting.  Summer classes begin soon.

Wrap-up with Q&A Discussion


Visit this artwork:

Sweet Summer Roses, oil on panel, 16x12 in.

 at Trees Place Gallery
RTE 6A at 28   Orleans, Massachusetts 02653   PHONE 508.255.1330