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Creating from Scratch

“What I learned, I knew and had to forget.”

Before I realized I was knee-deep in a major artistic transition, I realized, I was developing a series, and in fact, it was unlike anything I’ve done before. Since it’s not uncommon for my still life paintings to exhibit peculiar connections, I decided to trust my instincts and follow wherever that would take me. This meant, allowing the paintings to unfold before me and along with me, as I developed. In a delightful twist, I also moved to another studio, which allowed me to sit down and really start from scratch.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to take a walk through this experience, showing and telling about the journey that unfolded while I painted the series “Fools Journey to Redemption”.

Since the series is unfinished, you will be the first to see the work completed!

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Fool’s Journey to Redemption

A series of work in progress…

“What I learned, I knew and had to forget. How else could I learn again?” - Leah :)

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