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Earlier this week I was featured on the popular blog Lines and Colors.  

Lines and Colors is a blog about every kind of art that the Author Charley Parker finds interesting, and it covers a wide range.  The blog showcases living artists, the works from artists the past and little bundles of eye candy.  The insightful and colorful linguistic descriptions of the work are truly relative and informative.   Check it out, you may spend hours reading through the posts. 

It was a particular quality of her still life paintings that most captured my attention. For lack of a better word, I might call it “presence”. Her still life subjects have immediacy, a painterly, tactile surface quality and a refined sense of composition...
— Charley Parker, Lines and Colors Blog

Painting the layers of Liz Adams-Jones

Two years ago I began painting my dear and close friend Liz Adams Jones.  Liz has told the story of how she and I met and how we began painting each other.  She perfectly describes what blossomed by expanding the definition of our friendship into the realm of “Sister-ship”.  She summed it up when she wrote, “As it turned out, getting to know her through painting her has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.”  Liz, the feeling is mutual.

 Through the process of painting my friend, I truly felt as though I was beginning to understand her with every new brush stroke.  And with each layer of paint, the person that emerged was so much more than just an image before me, it told a history.  This is my little chronicle of how one painting led to the next and into what I call the layers of Liz...

“Quiet Moment”,   Oil, 8 x 8 In.

“Quiet Moment”, Oil, 8 x 8 In.

"Quiet Moment" was my very first painting of Liz.  As she describes in her story, it was a very cold morning in my studio.  All the heaters were running and hot tea was in the kettle.  I really had no idea where our project would lead or how the strength and support of a fellow artist would affect each piece that followed. 

Up to this time, I knew Liz as the joyful, effervescent woman with big sparkling eyes.  I'd come to expect an image of reddish hair and the striking red lipstick that sets off her style right down to every vintage accessory, which have a stories of thier own to tell.  But this time, in the cool north light of a winter’s morning, she sat there in my studio and I felt like I was meeting Liz for the first time.  What I saw was unexpected, beautiful and soulful.  Whatever I had planned to stage that day was unimportant and I turned my focus on a quiet side of Liz that embodies the depths of her strength.  That became my inspiration for the paintings that followed.

After having satisfied that important detour from my original inspiration with “Quiet Moment", I returned to my first concept in “Lady Liz”.  In costume my model became muse once again and all I had to do was pay attention. 

”Lady Liz”, Oil,  36 x 24 In.

”Lady Liz”, Oil,  36 x 24 In.

”Flower Child”, Oil, 12 x 9 In

”Flower Child”, Oil, 12 x 9 In

A special thing I learned about Liz is, she's likely to have a flower in her hair, or some kind of festive head adornment.  On this day she posed for me in creamy white.  Upon seeing this pale colored flower, she immediately stuck it in her hair, it was perfect.  Having just painted her in all black, "Flower Child" was the counterbalance I was looking for.

“Fizzy Lizzy”, Oil, 12 x 12 In.

“Fizzy Lizzy”, Oil, 12 x 12 In.

"Fizzy Lizzy" is another fabulous layer of Ms. Adams-Jones with her special kind of “Sassy”, complete with red hair and red lips.  If you are looking, she tells a story.

Here in "Nightcap" I revisit a pose in all black.  I like the element of simplicity that black lends to her already regal air.  I felt she is able to command our attention and still keep us at bay.  And so many more are the layers of my dear friend, sister, fellow artist and muse, Liz Adams-Jones.

"Nightcap”, Oil, 36 x 24 In.  

"Nightcap”, Oil, 36 x 24 In.  


Earlier this year Liz and I expanded our project of painting each other, when we found three other Women Artists who were enjoying a similar experience through painting, drawing and sculpting one another.  The five of us came together as curious artists and our initial friendships flowered into a deep respect and mutual support.  For me, it has been a life changing experience.  

Join us tonight as we celebrate our unique collaboration and see how the artwork tells our stories. 


Leah, oil on canvas 28" x 42" (2013)

Here are two of Liz's amazing paintings, to see more of her incredible work visit

Leah 2,   oil on canvas 58" x 58" (2014)

Leah 2, oil on canvas 58" x 58" (2014)


Liz Adams-Jones

My dear friend, Liz Adams-Jones, is a special treasure in my life. I feel lucky that we found each other. She tells the story of how we met and how our experience of painting each other has inspired her current body of work, take a look.

Mz. Liz

Mz. Liz

Mark your calendars to see some these works, in Harlem, at the

Alex Adam Gallery on October 9th...

See more of Liz's soulful artwork at and

Leah 2,   oil on canvas 58" x 58" (2014)     by Liz Adams-Jones

Leah 2, oil on canvas 58" x 58" (2014)

by Liz Adams-Jones

My Mentor, My Friend, My Art - by Jane Hart

Jane Hart, a dear friend and artist wrote this blog in honor of our relationship over the past several years. 

I very clearly recall the day we met at the Art Students League in Studio 7 and as they say 'the rest is history'.  Since then we have shared many memorable times.  In this little story Jane speaks of our friendship and inspiration.  I wish to add that it has been wonderful for me and inspiring to me to watch Jane's successes and to see how driven she is in her art.  I invite you to visit her Blog at Pets By Hart and then, meet the Artist in person this Sunday, November 24 from 2 PM - 4:30 details below...