Artists Making Their Mark, Three to Watch

Thrilled to pieces that Fine Art Connoisseur asked to feature me in the April Issue's article Artists Making Their Mark.  Ecstatic that while the paint was still drying they choose my "Angels Wear White", a 33 x 46 oil on linen.  

The model is my enchanting friend and she inspired me greatly, thank you JoanMarie.

The painting did dry and is now in the beautiful Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery.  

For a closer look pick up your copy, today!

She is particularly admired for her atmospheric lighting, and for creating compositions that hint at dramatic narrative, even romance, without specifying exactly what’s happening.
— Fine Art Connoiseur

Liz Adams-Jones

My dear friend, Liz Adams-Jones, is a special treasure in my life. I feel lucky that we found each other. She tells the story of how we met and how our experience of painting each other has inspired her current body of work, take a look.

Mz. Liz

Mz. Liz

Mark your calendars to see some these works, in Harlem, at the

Alex Adam Gallery on October 9th...

See more of Liz's soulful artwork at and

Leah 2,   oil on canvas 58" x 58" (2014)     by Liz Adams-Jones

Leah 2, oil on canvas 58" x 58" (2014)

by Liz Adams-Jones